About Us

GYPSY is one of the world's the largest online fashion apparel for all your designer quality fashion, retailers offering the latest in cutting edge women's, men's and kids clothing  style and trends in quality apparel. What we aim to innovate, excite, and provide our customers ( You ) with a variety of the hottest looks at the hottest prices. Our passion! is to help California from the fires that happen each year. When you shop for your clothing needs with us, we will be donating a % of your purchase to help the California Firefighters Foundation in helping save California lives, homes and wildlife and more. So when you Shop @ Gypsy your shopping for a cause because we care.
Back Story:
Since I was a little girl a dreamer you would say i fell in love with California, I truly believe when i was born god give me my heart and sent my soul to this beautiful place we all call California over the years now going on 44 ( sshh don't tell know one ) I have had this feeling of belonging to California like a soul connection and as i watch the News and Social Reports of what is happening with these fires that just get bigger each year, I want to do my part in helping as I'm sure you are with me. So I wanted to make it easy to do our part together so Gypsy will be donate every summer to the firefighters of California to help save what we can as the California Firefighters are in need of help with donation to stop and save this beautiful place.

About Us:
We are gypsy souls a hippie hearts and  surfer girls at heart, We have always been in the fashion industry from modeling to becoming a modeling scout to a fashion stylist i have heard over and over again I love the clothing but ( I can't afford it, they never come in my size, it looks better on the model etc etc) So I searched the world trying all the suppliers all the fashion designers and have found you the best in quality in fashion for men women and children apparel at affordable prices. We are a small business helping you find the best for you and your family or Your money back guaranteed.